30 Years of Publishing
Alaska Coastal Tides


Established in 1987, the Alaska Tide Book Company is the leading provider of quality tide book advertising. Each year, our popular tide book finds its way into the hands, pockets, tackle boxes, desk drawers and glove compartments of thousands of Alaskans and visitors alike. Referenced frequently throughout the year, the Alaska Tide Book becomes a trusted companion to those of us who work, play and explore the beauty of Alaska’s waters.

Often referred to as the “Fisherman’s Bible”, this is a book that people are passionate about having. So, if you have a need to make a connection with your audience, a personalized tide book can fulfill this purpose like no other medium.

We invite you to discover the immediate and lasting benefits of tide book advertising. Get on board for this upcoming season and let us help you create a personalized tide book that your audience will frequently use and appreciate receiving.